Press release for the establishment of CCSNM in Cleanroom News Magazine May-June edition

We are proud to announce the establishment of the Contamination Control Society of North Macedonia (CCSNM). The main goal and purpose of CCSNM will be to promote the sharing and enhancement of knowledge and experience within the contamination control field. CCSNM will strive to achieve these goals by trying to broaden the knowledge of the professional public about issues concerning the practical and scientific areas of contamination control in controlled areas defined by international standards; We will also aim to assist the development of scientific activity in relation to contamination control for the purpose of enhancing the processes that take place in controlled environments; In the interest of supporting the above objectives, CCSNM, in cooperation with competent authorities (central or local government), the industrial sector, Universities, professional schools, technical and professional associations and research institutes will:

  • Organise symposia, seminars, exhibitions, lectures or other events to aid the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas gained in the field of contamination control
  • Initiate learning and training courses about contamination control
  • Support research in all areas that affect the control of contamination
  • If necessary, participate in establishing and controlling the implementation of standards and guidelines in the field of contamination control

The first President of CCSNM will be Mr. Miroslav Tonovski who has over 15 years working experience in the field of Contamination Control. The Society’s Secretary will be Prof. Dr. Marko Serafimov who is a highly renowned academic figure in Thermo Technics in North Macedonia. Finally, in addition to the above objectives, it is the aim of CCSNM to join the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS) at the earliest opportunity.